A new resource added in advertisement by Amazon that makes it easier to predict and estimates the average clicks and sales you can get with your bid and budget of the auto campaign for the selected ASIN. It will provide you guidance by predicting potential metrics of clicks and sales according to the setting of your campaigns.

In order to generate forecast you need to input at least 1 product, targeting clause and bid of your campaign, it’s a great resource to predict your potential campaign performance, but results may fluctuate. The best use of this resource is when you’re setting up your campaigns for seasonal holidays like Prime Day or Black Friday, when bids need to be increased to compete better.

We practically tested the features and outputs were near to forecasting results, it’s a great way to set up your new auto campaigns according to the outputs that you want to get. You can easily adjust the bids of your KWs.
NOTE: This feature is only available for auto campaigns; forecast is not available for manual targeting.

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